Historical Events for 15th September 2023

608 – Saint Boniface IV begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1777 – George Washington, on authorization of Congress, appoints Casimir Pulaski as brigadier general in Continental Army cavalry
1795 – “Lyrical Ballads” published by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth – 1st work of English Romantic movement (probable date)
1921 – WBZ-AM in Boston MA begins radio transmissions
1931 – British naval fleet mutinies at Invergordon over pay cuts
1943 – Concentration Camp Kauwen in Lithuania opens
1963 – Ben Bella elected 1st president of Algeria
1968 – Launch of Zond 5, 1st lunar fly-around with Earth reentry
1975 – 1st College Football Holy War: Notre Dame beats Boston College 17-3 in Foxborough
2019 – “Jojo Rabbit” directed by “Taika Waititi and starring Scarlett Johansson wins the top award at the Toronto Film Festival

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