Historical Events for 24th May 2024

1866 – Berkeley, California named (for George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne)
1895 – Henry Irving becomes the first actor to receive a knighthood
1909 – Bristol University granted Royal Charter
1918 – British officer General Poole lands at Murmansk, the Russian port on the Barents Sea
1944 – Icelandic voters severe all ties with Denmark
1970 – The drilling of the Kola Superdeep Borehole begins in the Soviet Union
1978 – American management consultant Marilyn Loden first coins the term “glass ceiling” to describe invisible career barriers for women
1986 – Margaret Thatcher becomes 1st British Prime Minister to visit Israel
1997 – Telstar-5 Proton Launch, Successful
2018 – World’s largest cat-proof fence (44 km / 27.3 miles) completed at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, central Australia to protect endangered species

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